Bring live video streaming into your app
in few lines of code.

let streamer = FKStreamer()
let camera = streamer.showCamera(.front, in: view)

streamer.requestStream { (stream, error) in
    streamer.strartStreaming(on: stream, delegate: self)
mCameraFragment = (FKCameraFragment) getSupportFragmentManager().findFragmentById(;
mCameraFragment.getCameraAsync(new FKCameraFragment.OnCameraReadyCallback() {
    public void onCameraReady(@Nullable FKCamera camera, @Nullable FKError error) {
        mCamera = camera;

mStreamer = mCameraFragment.getStreamer();
mStreamer.requestStream(new FKStreamer.RequestStreamCallback() {
    public void done(@Nullable FKStream stream, @Nullable FKError error) {
        mStreamer.startStreaming(stream, new MyFKStreamingCallback());

Live stream☝️

This is all you need to live stream your front camera.



Code with confidence

Firekast obsesses over developer experience.

Our team of talented developers work hard to abstract the complexity of live video streaming,
video distribution and playback, so that you can focus on developing your product.

See Firekast SDK in action SLive, an app that broadcasts live video on your Facebook page,
Youtube channel and soon Periscope simultaneously!


Quickstart Guide Sample App


Quickstart Guide Sample App


Live stream simultaneously on social network

let fbLive = FKOutput.facebook(accessToken: "YOUR_FACEBOOK_TOKEN")
let ytLive = "YOUR_YOUTUBE_TOKEN", title: "Awesome title")

streamer.requestStream(outputs: [fbLive, ytLive]) { (stream, error) in
    streamer.strartStreaming(on: stream, delegate: self)
FKOutput facebook = FKOutput.facebook("YOUR_TOKEN_FACEBOOK", null);
FKOutput youtube ="YOUR_TOKEN_YOUTUBE", "Awesome title", null);

List media = new ArrayList<>();

mStreamer.requestStream(media, new MyFKRequestStreamCallback());

Use camera features

camera.position = .back

camera.isMicrophoneEnabled = false // mute microphone

if camera.isFlashAvailable {
    camera.isFlashEnabled = true

mCamera.setMicrophoneEnabled(false); // mute microphone

if (mCamera.isFlashAvailable()) {

Watch live streams or replay as VOD

Once your live is complete, your video becomes instantly available for VOD playback.

let player = FKPlayer() view) "THE_STREAM_ID", delegate: self)
// XML Layout
< io.firekast.FKPlayerView
    android:layout_height="110dp" />

// Class
mPlayerView.setPlayerListener(new MyFKPlayerCallback());"THE_STREAM_ID");

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