Embed live video streaming on your website and app

For France Télévisions, firekast encoded and delivered 4K VR streams in France on multiple platforms at once (Youtube + Firekast) for an important worldwide sport event. 15 flawless days, assuring the best experience to our viewers.

quote author portrait Bernard Fontaine - Chief innovation officer @ France Télévisions

firekast’s live video streaming player can be embedded into your website or app in a couple of minutes

Live video streaming on websites is now easy as pie. It is progressively taking over the world and companies are quickly taking up to get an edge on their competition. Live streaming is not more expensive than conventional video marketing and is its the natural extension. Video marketing has now become interactive through live streaming. It’s opening up an entirely new world of interactivity, and that’s something you should be taking advantage of.

The problem

Live streaming an event or produced-contents is complex to set-up and very expensive. 4k live streaming is generally handled using hardware encoders that can be inconvenient if the setup has to be changed.

The solution

firekast's video streaming api can be used to create up to 8k live streams. The platform is able to ingest unlimited live streams and display them to any website or app where its player is embedded.

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