Increase employee engagement thought corporate live streaming

firekast’s live streaming API is the easiest way to allow your employees to live streams meetings or event

Using new technologies, companies can do a more compelling job of getting out ahead of emerging issues in their workplace. The ability to share, give a feedback and discuss can ease the stress of an open office and foster innovation. Today’s digital workers want engaging conversations, seamless content sharing and multimodal multi-device communications.

The problem

People perform best when they are driven by inspiration and encouraged to push their boundaries and think outside the box. But employees cannot do this alone. Using new technologies of the likes of live video streaming is still to complex to implement.

The solution

Give employees the freedom to be different and encourage them to collaborate and benefit from each other's ideas with live video streaming. Video has a distinct advantage over other forms of communication in its ability to capture a wide range of information - verbal, written, data, as well as non-verbal/facial cues.

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