Build your own WebTV to take control of your audience

@ Inscreen we are provide our clients with a turnkey solution to create and manage their webTV. Doing so firekast provide us with a comprehensive set of APIs to handle our video back-end so we can focus on our business.

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firekast’s Upload API is a plug and play solution to encode, store and manage your video library

Running your own web TV channel is an opportunity to promote your business and your brand. In the 20th century, it cost millions to buy a TV station and start broadcasting. Nowadays, it’s simple to create a TV channel: choose a website, create content, upload videos and presto, you’re a live channel.

The problem

To run your WebTV on an established website such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live requires that you give your content to these platforms. Gaigning control on your content requires to develop and maintain a video platform that can ingest and handle your streams

The solution

firekast Upload API allow you to encode, store and distribute your streams. The platform is also able to ingest unlimited live streams and display them on any website or app where firekast's player is embedded.

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