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You produce great content and want to share them to your audience? firekast is made for you.

Using our app SOCIAL LIVE, you can easily broadcast live videos. Just create an account, embedded our white label player into your website or app and you'll be able to display all your live streams on your own website and app in a snap.

Already streaming using a camera or a computer? Not a problem. Create a live stream using SOCIAL LIVE producer mode, get an ingest URL and stream directly to our servers.


Embeddable video player

Our white label player is embeddable on your website or app in a snap and customizable by any developer. It is available on iOS, Android, JavaScript and even Gear VR.

Instant replays

All your live videos are instantly made available for replays at the minute you end them. You have nothing to do and your viewers will automatically be redirected to its replay.

Social media integrations

Firekast integrates with all major social networks and enables you to push your live stream to Facebook, Youtube or Periscope at any moment. The feature is available in our app SOCIAL LIVE and through an API.

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