5 preconceived ideas about video streaming

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Find out 5 of the most preconceived ideas about video streaming.

I read a lot of articles and comments about social networks about the trend of video streaming. But among many comments and enthusiastic remarks, I sometimes find a prioris. Let’s set the truth together:


1. Video streaming requires a lot of knowledge

Not anymore with Firekast. Until recently, one had to understand how the various links in the chain that are involved in online broadcasting. However the explosion of formats over the Internet led to the creations of platforms that allow to stream video with zero specific knowledge. Firekast distributes SDKs to stream, SDKs to playback, a dashboard to manage your content, and a cloud infrastructure that is transparent to the user.


2. Video streaming is only relevant over the public Internet

Wrong. Video streaming is also relevant for restricted audiences such as corporate communications, private communications (birthday, fan bases, e-learning etc.). Large entities use it to transmit information to all employees, regardless of their location, or to conduct internal meetings in safety.


3. Video Streaming is expensive

Not anymore with Firekast. Performing a live is unfairly associated with high cost. While it is true that video processing involves a lot of processing power, storage and bandwidth, the cost of a video production can be mitigated in several ways:

  • Use your mobile to capture your content. Smartphone offer a good image quality. Many professional bloggers use them!
  • Pay only for what you use. Choose a solution that allows you to pay based on your actual use. Some platforms offer a free fair use!


4. Retransmitting an event on the Internet reduces the number of actual participants

Wrong. The people you target when streaming are not the same as those who will come to your physical event. Communicate mainly to people who will not be able to travel to your event (geographic distance, contacts that have responded negatively to your invitation, people with reduced mobility etc.). In addition, according to Digitell, 30% of people who watch a live event will physically participate thereafter with a year!


5. Setting up a live is complicated

Not anymore with Firekast. Contrary to preconceived ideas, performing a live video streaming should not be more complicated than any other video. To ensure a perfect experience to your viewers, ensure you have a way to publish your content on several platforms at once!