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firekast’s native SDKs for mobile (iOS & Android) & web let you add a live streaming feature in your app. It has never been that easy to engage your users into your app by allowing them to share live content to each other. At firekast, we are obsesses over developer experience. Extensive documentation and highly reliable support make it a pleasure to work with our solution.


Mobile SDKs

Live stream and play videos by adding few lines of code to your project. Our lightweight SDKs are designed and coded by talented developers concerned about making your life easier.


Create a Firekast-app and manage your user’s videos in one simple dashboard. Preview, upload, refresh or delete video content and keep full control of your app.

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Dive into firekast for free, and experience the value live streaming can bring to your app. Just focus on growing your user base and we do the heavy lifting in the background.

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